Specialty Courses

Boat Diver If you’re new to boat diving or want to learn more about diving from different types of boats, enroll in the PADI® Boat Diver course.  During two dives with an instructor you’ll learn nautical terminology, boat diving etiquette and may practice using lines and/or deploy a surface marker buo... Find Out More

Deep Diver After your first few scuba dives, you soon want to explore a bit deeper. There’s something exciting and mysterious about the depth that attracts divers. You will learn techniques for diving in the deeper range of 80-130 feet along with the techniques for planning, organizing and making at least four deep dives un... Find Out More

Dry Suit Diver Would you like to stay warm and toasty on a dive? Then dive dry. Yes! Unlike a wetsuit, a dry suit seals you off from the outside water and that keeps you warm. Diving dry extends your dive season by allowing you to dive comfortably early and late in the season. Course does not include dry suit rental. https://www.y... Find Out More

Emergency Oxygen Provider Knowing how and when to administer emergency oxygen is a valuable skill to have in a dive emergency. PADI® Emergency Oxygen Provider prepares you to offer aid and teaches you to recognize scuba diving injuries and illnesses requiring emergency oxygen. This is an excellent course for scuba divers, boat crew, ... Find Out More

Enriched Air Nitrox Longer bottom times. Additional safety margin to help avoid decompression sickness. Less fatigue after a dive. There are a number of advantages to enriched air diving (using an air mixture with a greater oxygen content). After taking this class you will become a certified enriched air diver and will be able to use your... Find Out More

Equipment Specialist Learn how to protect and maintain your dive gear with this helpful class. The class will cover the essentials of maintenance, care, adjustments that you can use every day, and you will get valuable information on equipment repair and considerations when making a purchase. Prerequisites: Be certified as a PA... Find Out More

Night Diver Diving at night is a different experience that diving during the daylight hours. This course trains you in the planning, organization, procedures, techniques and how to avoid the potential problems of diving at night. Course includes three night dives. Prerequisites: ... Find Out More

Peak Performance Buoyancy Excellent buoyancy control is what defines skilled scuba divers. You've seen them underwater. They glide effortlessly, use less air and ascend, descend or hover almost as if by thought. They more easily observe aquatic life without disturbing their surroundings. You can achieve this, too. The PADI Peak Performance ... Find Out More

Search and Recovery If you’re looking for challenge and excitement then the PADI Search and Recovery Diver Specialty course is for you. It gives you the skills you need to find what’s been lost, and get it to the surface. You will learn search and recovery dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques and how to deal wit... Find Out More

Self Reliant Diver Although diving with a buddy is the norm, there are reasons for an experienced diver to develop self-reliance and independence while diving. Learning to carry out dives without a partner can make you a stronger diver in most dive situations. Prerequisites: Be certified as a PADI Advenced Open Water Diver Hav... Find Out More

Underwater Navigation It’s easy to get disoriented underwater, but with the right navigation skills, you can be the one your group follows back to the boat. In this specialty course you learn the tools of the trade, including navigation via natural clues and by compass. You learn to estimate distance underwater and follow navigation p... Find Out More

Wreck Diver Whether purpose-sunk as an artificial reef for scuba divers, or lost as the result of an accident, wrecks are fascinating windows to the past. Ships, airplanes and even cars are fascinating to explore and usually teem with aquatic life. Each wreck dive offers a chance for discovery, potentially unlocking a mystery or s... Find Out More

Coral Reef Conservation This specialty course is for divers and non-divers alike and includes the vital role coral reefs play in the marine environment and the world as a whole. Through a colorful slide presentation and interactive discussion, learn some amazing facts about these beautiful and important ecosystems and what is being done to pr... Find Out More

Dive Against Debris Make a difference on every dive by activating your inner citizen scientist. During the Dive Against Debris® Diver Specialty course, you’ll learn how ocean plastic and trash cleanups not only keep your local dive sites healthier, but also how to contribute to a global database that documents our planet&rs... Find Out More

Tec 40 The PADI Tec 40 course is the introduction to technical diving. In this class you will learn about:   Setting up technical diving equipment (doubles or high capacity cylinder with pony), tec diving terms, emergency procedures, stage cylinder handling, extended bottom times, decompression d... Find Out More