What Our Divers Say

"I was given the scuba class as a 50th birthday gift from my wife. I've been wanting to do this for years. The instructors were very knowledgeable, patient, and gave us good direction. I would recommend this course to anyone. These guys are the best!"

"Great instructors, very friendly and relaxed learning environment. Great class, keep it up!"

"Probably the coolest thing in my life that I've done this far..."

"It was amazing!!! It was relaxed and everything was explained thoroughly and made fun and easy! I would love to take another course with Underwater Adventures."

"My wife found your website on the internet, and she gave this class to me as a present. I am so glad she did! The instructors were knowledgeable and confident. They were patient and we never felt rushed. I liked the pace of the class and the thoroughness of the information. I feel informed about scuba diving. I look forward to taking more dive courses with you guys!"

"I liked the personal attention and attention to detail by the instructors. A great learning environment and a great team of folks. Flexibility but didn't cut corners."

"A relaxed environment with instructors who make it easy to learn about scuba. I feel like part of a family – thank you guys!"

"I loved the quality of the facilities as well as the instructors! Top notch service. Instructors gave personal attention to each student and instilled them with both confidence and the knowledge needed to become great divers."

"All the instructors were fun and patient. I appreciated the flexibility they offered – it was easy to work into my schedule"

"Very friendly and open instructors. They were willing to answer any and all questions. I never felt rushed through any of the exercises. Expert fit on the equipment. Very comfortable, attractive, and well-stocked dive shop."

"The instructors did a very good job of taking the perceived "fear" out of scuba diving. Everything was broken down into incremental pieces, so it was made easy to understand and apply. Nice job!

"GREAT instructors!! The staff thoughtfully keeps their class sizes small in order to provide more thorough, one on one instruction. There were (4) instructors for just (6) students in both my pool and lake classes. Felt like private lessons! Down to earth and friendly- their only goal is to help you learn to dive correctly. Wonderful experience and extremely thankful for all of their support and guidance."

"Had an amazing time learning from the instructors at Underwater Adventures Dive Center. They are not only passionate about diving but each instructor is clearly interested in being a thoughtful teacher. Everyone was given the individual attention needed to become a well rounded open water diver. Very thankful for the experience."

"What a wonderful group of people! Our dive instructors were so generous with their time and talent. We got our EANx certification and reactivated. The pool is so warm and comfortable - perfect place to learn or re-learn skills."

We just finished our certification here and I have nothing but good things to say. They are a smaller shop which is a positive thing, they are out to get you certified the best and safest way without draining your wallet. This also means the classes are much smaller verses some of the other schools which has dozens of people in their groups. Starting from a beginner, scuba can be scary but everyone made us feel so comfortable and safe. From start to finish everyone was so helpful. They are VERY organized, nice and extremely thorough. We feel completely safe to go out on our own as scuba divers because we got certified here.