Local Diving Trips

Lake Hydra is a scuba diving facility in Bethlehem, PA (approx. one hour away). To dive at Lake Hydra you must be accompanied by an insured Padi professional or be in a class.  If you are intereseted in diving Lake Hydra contact us and we can set up a Discover Local Diving at the lake.  We do have some alternative locations. These locations are in Pennsylvania at Willow Springs and Lake Allure  and on occasion to North Carolina at  Fantasy Lake.  Indian Valley Scuba has opened up diving at a quarry in Slatington PA  called "Lake Aquarius".  We also have local diving at Round Valley Reservoir, which is a NJ State Park. And there is always the Delaware River. 



Need a buddy? Let us know ahead of time and we'll try to connect you with another diver who is headed out to dive for the day. If you also want to brush up on your diving with a pro, we can arrange for a local dive guide or a divemaster to dive with you. We have also started a Dive Club to bring together our divers for events, local diving and destination diving.  Please reach out if you are interested in participating in the Dive Club.

Local Charter Diving on the Gypsy Blood


Gypsy Blood (We hope to have a trip or two this year) For even more fun, see our local dive charter schedule below and check out some of the great New Jersey diving, right in our own backyard! We would love to have you join us.  We have an instructor or divemaster on all local trips.  Some trips have experience and eq...

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