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The Open Water Diver Class at Underwater Adventures is the entry-level certification program that is your introduction to scuba diving.  At the completion of the program, you will receive your PADI Open Water Card, the most popular and most recognized certification in the world.

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What you will learn

Through a combination of academic work and in-water skills sessions, you will learn how to become a safe, confident, and capable scuba diver.  We will help you develop your skills so you can see more and do more underwater and have a great experience while diving on your vacation.

The Program

The program has two parts.  Part 1 combines academics with pool sessions that are done either in four weekly sessions or can be completed during a single weekend. Part 2 is the Open Water training dives where you demonstrate your skills in a real water environment.



We spend part of each session in the classroom discussing important diving concepts and relating real life examples that you will use when you are in the water.  Much of the academic work is done at home prior to class.  As an alternative for even more flexibility, you can complete the academic portion of the class online through  before proceeding to the pool sessions.

Pool Sessions

Here’s where you experience what it’s like to scuba dive!  You’ll learn how to use scuba equipment and develop diving skills in a safe and fun environment.  We go at your pace and make it an experience that you’ll never forget.





To complete your certification, you will participate in four dives over two days, putting your diving skills to use and having fun exploring what there is to see underwater.  This training is completed at Dutch Springs, a scuba diving facility in Bethlehem, PA (approx. one hour away). We make this a fun group event!

Click for Part 2 Brochure which provides details about getting ready for Part 2 of the program.

Additional options for Open Water Training

Instead of completing your open water dives locally, you can finish your training while you are on vacation.  This can be done on one of our trips or through a referral to an instructor at your destination.  Check our Diving Travel schedule for more info. on the trips we offer.

At the completion of the program you will receive your PADI Open Water Diver Certification Card.  This C-Card is the most recognized diving certification available and will allow you to dive anywhere in the world.

So come join the fun.  Experience the magic of scuba diving.  Check out our Class Schedule and begin your adventure.

Pre-registration is required, and there is academic pre-work prior to the first class.  Call or stop in for details.  Please review our missed class and cancellation policies and procedures in our Class Policies page.

Required Forms

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