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Underwater Adventures Dive Center was pleased to join in International PADI Women's Dive Day on 16 July 2016. Hosted by UADC staff members Bridget Neary and J. Elizabeth Clark, our local event was held at Dutch Springs. We were very excited to know that #padiwomen all over the world were sharing dives on this day! This is the second year that PADI has had this event (and UADC's first year participating). It was a great opportunity to look at the ways diving has changed and how women have made important contributions to our sport.

UADC's event featured two dives: a deep dive in the cove to explore the old Pump House and a second dive to see the new plane that debuted at Dutch this year. Both dives were a great opportunity to enjoy the water and work on key skills like navigation and air management. On one of our dives, we discovered a gnome left in Dutch Springs by none other than UADC's own Bill Garner! We made sure to say hi! We also enjoyed seeing Koi, Large Mouth Bass, and Blue Gills. The fish were abundant. We came across 4 different nurseries with small fish!

On land, the day provided opportunities to meet other women divers and to hear presentations on Gear for Girls, Women's Health & Diving, and Famous Women Divers. We also explored yoga for diving and swim fitness for diving. Divers swapped stories and experiences with dive gear and shared information like what we all keep in our "Save a Dive" kits. We also explored health and fitness issues, considering some of DAN's latest research on women divers. And, of course, we swapped stories about favorite dive trips and made recommendations for must-do dives like the Manta Ray night dive in Kona, Hawaii, the cenotes in Mexico, and the rich waters of Monterey Bay, California.

UADC provided a fabulous gourmet lunch (prepared by Kathy Mickel!). Our divers also received PADI t-shirts to wear all summer as a way to remember the event!

At the end of our day, one of our UADC divers inducted the other ladies into the very special "Order of the Shark." Curious about that? You'll have to join us next year to find out more!

Here are a few photos from our day:


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