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We’ll be heading to a UADC favorite, the wreck of the USS Algol on August 12th.

We will leave on the Gypsy Blood with the always awesome Captain Jim and crew out of Point Pleasant at 7:00 am.

Cost: $110+ tips.

Dive Details: The deck starts at 70 feet. The main deck is at 110 feet. The maximum depth is 145 feet.

Policies and Forms: Please view our Charter Boat Terms and Conditions for important information about the trip before signing up. Charter Boat Waiver

Please call or stop by Underwater Adventures Dive Center to reserve your spot! (973) 258-1300

About This Dive:


The Algol heads out to sea in 1945, photographed by a Santa Ana based Blimp Squadron (ZP-31) Airship by ENS.


The Algol, just prior to sinking as an artificial reef off the coast of New Jersey in 1991. Photo by Rich Galiano.

Read more about the Algol at NJ Scuba, including an underwater tour with beautiful photos by Herb Segars, Rich Galiano and Dan Crowell:


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Date(s) - 08-12-2017
7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Gypsy Blood

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