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We've moved and are offering classes again!

We had a busy and fun weekend at Dutch Springs with 11 new Open Water students and 5 Advanced Open Water divers. The weather was great, and so was the diving. The Advanced students even did a night dive as one of their elective dives. There was lots of food and fun after the dives were over as we grilled and swapped dive stories. Thanks to all for bringing such good food to enjoy.

A big thank you to Gerry, Steve, Ramas and Enslin for providing great dive leadership this weekend.

Thanks also to Peg and Chris for carting gear in their truck for many students and then unloading two truckfulls of equipment back at the shop!

Paul Mickel
Underwater Adventures Dive Center

Scott, Enslin, Mike and I enjoyed teaching scuba to the students at Montclair State University on September 16. Those college kids sure learn fast.

Paul Mickel, Underwater Adventures Dive Center

We held another fun and successful scuba class over the weekend of Sept. 10-12 in Summit, NJ. All of our students left on Sunday afternoon with a lot more scuba knowledge and skills than when they arrived on Friday night. Congratulations to all for doing so well. Now onto the Open Water dives to finish the certification!

Paul and Steve

Labor Day weekend at Dutch Springs. What could be more fun than doing your certification dives under sunny skies and a fresh breeze? Ok, maybe it was more like gale force winds at times, but our 6 Open Water Divers completed their dives smoothly and with style. It was fun to have Neal and Brian join in as well. Our group had a blast as we enjoyed the food, fun, and camaraderie in between dives. On behalf of Steve, Ramas, Enslin and myself, thanks for providing us with a great time this weekend. Congratulations.

Paul Mickel
Underwater Adventures Dive Center