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We've moved and are offering classes again!

We just finished our latest Open Water Diver Class over the weekend of March 19-21. We spent a lot of time together, and by the end of the weekend we felt like we knew each other for a lot longer than 2 1/2 days!

It is amazing to see the scuba knowledge and skills develop in everyone from the time they arrived on Friday evening until our mini-Graduation ceremony on Sunday (complete with the required "Crazy Face" picture). It wasn't always easy, and we had some surprises along the way, but in the end everyone did really well!

Here is some of the valuable feedback from comments on the course evaluation forms:
"Everything was very thorough"
"When are we going diving?"
"I liked the pool and all the time we spent in it"
"This was a great class!"
"I like the part when you breathe underwater!"
"Teachers were very patient and well experienced in conducting the training."
"The teachers did a great job and made it easy to learn both the class work and the water skills."
"Could not have asked for a better course or better teachers."
"Paul seems to take a personal interest in all of the students and caters to the students' strengths and weaknesses."

We thank you. It was an honor for Gerry and me to have you in our class.

Good luck to everyone, and we are looking forward to seeing you all again soon during the dive season.

Paul Mickel

Sharing our passion for scuba diving is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We've been lucky to be able introduce scuba to a variety of people who are interested in seeing what it's like to breathe while underwater. On February 20th we held a Discover Scuba Diving session for a number of Sea Scouts at the Boys and Girls Club of Union County.

It's always fun to see what questions the boys have and how eager they are to use the equipment. So after a safety and equipment briefing, it was into the water to try things out. What was their favorite part? Swimming off to the deep end, of course!